Bankruptcy Overview

Pennsylvania Bankruptcy Attorneys for Debt Relief and an Optimistic Financial Future

Financial distress can affect individuals or businesses at any time. As such, it’s vital to seek out effective legal counsel early to ensure that your Bankruptcy case is resolved as efficiently and professionally as possible.

At Adelstein & Kaliner, LLC, we believe in providing all of our clients with a fresh financial start free from creditor harassment or the daily fears of losing your car, home, or both. As such, you can turn to us to create an effective legal solution through Chapters 7, 11 and 13 Bankruptcy to restore financial peace and order in your life once again.

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Bankruptcy is an area of the law typically determined by Federal law, however State law is sometimes applied for certain issues. As such, your case can grow increasingly complex rather quickly, necessitating creative, compassionate legal counsel to help you navigate the process.

After all, Bankruptcy, according to a 1934 U.S. Supreme Court Decision, was designed to give a debtor a new opportunity in life free from preexisting debt. In accordance with this definition, we provide services in several areas of Bankruptcy law to ensure you receive the chance you’re entitled to.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: Giving you a fresh financial start

When you qualify for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, you’re able to receive a fresh financial start while discharging most of your debt. And, while rarely assets are seized, most assets fall within the definition of exempt property that allows you to keep your belongings.

Proceeds gained during the sale of your non-exempt property will be distributed to creditors to help pay for a portion of your debt. Of course, at Adelstein & Kaliner, LLC we can help determine if Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is your best solution.

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy: Helping reorganize business debt

Financially distressed businesses often qualify for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, allowing that business to reorganize their debt. As a debtor, the business will be obligated to perform various administrative functions, including filing certain reports.

At Adelstein & Kaliner, LLC, we regularly advise businesses on debt management to help secure a brighter financial future.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy: Working to repay your debt

Individuals with a regular income are often eligible to file for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, therefore preventing a property foreclosure and allowing you to repay your debt by readjusting it over an extended period of time. Prior to filing your petition, it’s necessary to receive credit counseling from an approved credit-counseling agency.

As you can imagine, Chapter 13 Bankruptcies are particularly complex and can be confusing without proper legal counsel like that at Adelstein & Kaliner, LLC. By utilizing our services, we can maximize your chances of court approval of your repayment plan.

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At Adelstein & Kaliner, LLC we provide comprehensive legal services for all of your financial-related legal issues.

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We look forward to providing the creative legal counsel necessary to grant you the bright financial future you deserve.