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At Adelstein & Kaliner, LLC, our experienced lawyers offer more than 75 years of expertise and a prestigious reputation to each of our clients.

By focusing exclusively on Bankruptcy, we’re able to offer advanced knowledge many firms cannot due to the growing complexity of this area of law.

Delivering responsive, efficient legal solutions in Bucks and Montgomery Counties

We understand that financial worries can be stressful. That’s why we offer personalized, effective legal solutions to ease your burdens.

Our creative solutions are premised on fact rather than bankruptcy myths, giving you the opportunity to save your home and preserve your credit.

Of course, our firm also offers several other benefits, including:

  • Customized, Attentive Service – By taking the time to understand your unique financial situation, our Pennsylvania bankruptcy attorneys will make personalized recommendations regarding which course of action will best meet your needs.
  • A Compassionate, Creative Approach – We believe in assisting clients through a compassionate, creative approach to help clients manage debts in a practical, effective manner.
  • Extensive Expertise – With more than 35 years of expertise each and a well-established community presence, Michael Kaliner and Jon Adelstein offer hands-on experience and insight to all clients. And, after serving as a Bankruptcy Trustee with the Bankruptcy Court, Michael Kaliner understands the essential inner workings to maximize positive outcomes for your case.
  • A Positive Lawyer-Client Relationship – We value our clients and ensure that you receive developmental updates throughout your case. We also offer services for matters that may arise after you have filed for Bankruptcy.

Comprehensive services to meet your individual needs

While financial struggles are common, solutions will differ depending upon your unique needs.

That’s why when you retain Adelstein & Kaliner, LLC for your needs, you’ll receive comprehensive services tailored to your unique situation, including:

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If you’ve been burdened by financial issues and need a solution that sets you up for future success, our firm can provide the expertise, assistance, and caring approach you require.

To schedule a free initial in-office consultation or take advantage of a free phone consultation, contact Adelstein & Kaliner, LLC at (215) 230-4250. Of course, you can also contact us online if you prefer.

We look forward to speaking with you to address your specific financial needs with a creative solution that utilizes our experience and expertise.